“10 Things You Need to Know Today”

Lately doesn’t it seem like you can’t even keep up with the news?
Doesn’t it seem like sometimes you go to sleep at night and when you wake up a ton of stuff has happened?
Isn’t it really tough to keep watching the news and hearing horrible things and it just gets you down?

I’m an avid reader/subscriber to The Week, an online news source and weekly printed news magazine.  I read the print version cover to cover and ALWAYS enter the joke contest every single week.  I have won zero times so far but just saying.

The Week is a sister publication to Mental Floss, an online fun site with really really really interesting info about stuff and minimal clickbait. It actually used to be a magazine, my favorite magazine, and I subscribed to that too.  Maybe there’ll be another post on that  because I’m sorry, Mental Floss is awesome, should not have been cancelled, and I literally pay more than twice the cover price to buy old issues on ebay

Anyways.  The Week has a free daily email you can subscribe to called “10 Things You Need to Know Today“.  It’s basically what it sounds like.  There are 10 headlines, 10 short 2-3 sentence descriptions of the story, and (most importantly) a link to the credible news source. 

I have tried several daily news sources and haven’t found anything as good as 10 Things You Need to Know Today.  It’s the first thing I read every morning and often the best thing I read all day (unless I end up reading an old issue of Mental Floss at some point in the day! 😊)

The best part about it: There’s a similar email subscription they offer that’s a weekly Good News Newsletter email.  The only complaint I have is that that doesn’t come out daily too!

Do yourself a favor and subscribe!  Try it for just two weeks and I really think you’ll love it.

10 Things You Need to Know Today

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