Kroger Seltzer

Today’s LIKE is short and sweet!  Well, kind of sweet and really fizzy.

THE BEST drink in the whole world, Kroger brand Cranberry Lime Seltzer Water.

Have you ever had a more refreshing beverage?

Ingredients: Carbonated water, natural flavors.
Calories: 0
Fat: 0
Sodium: 15 mg
Carbs: 0

It comes in 2-liter bottles for about $1, but you can get a 12-pack of cans for about $2.50, and that’s the way to go.  Oh, the feeling of cracking open a brand new can of ice cold liquid gold!  The colder the better.

All the flavors are good, even the unflavored pure seltzer water, but if you want the very best, get cranberry lime.

Are all seltzers the same?  No.  Safeway brand?  Good, but it’s no Kroger.  The so-popular La Croix?  No.  This Cranberry Lime Seltzer Water from Kroger? THE BEST.

Cranberry Lime Seltzer Water from Kroger

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