The Diaper One N Done

Okay today’s “like” is one of my very favorite finds ever.  We originally purchased a Diaper Genie for our son when we were “expecting” (maybe a separate post about that someday; his birthmom had picked us but she hadn’t had him yet!).  But once he was here, it felt really weird to put poopy diapers in the pail and leave them in the room he slept in.  Maybe it was my imagination, but I felt like I still smelled it in the room even with all the charcoal or baking soda freshener things attached to it!  It didn’t help that he was born during the hottest heat wave of Summer 2015!  During the heat wave, we started taking the diapers out of his room and just putting them in our trash, but without getting too graphic that wasn’t working either.

I started looking around for another option, and I randomly stumbled across The Diaper One N’ Done which is a super small made-in-the-USA family company that invented this random product that was exactly what I needed!  It’s basically a bucket that attaches to your changing table (or it can attach to a towel bar-type bar that you can buy from them or make yourself) and it has a hole at the bottom for plastic bags to come through.  The company sells these rolls of bags which are essentially the kind of bags you buy for when you walk your dog, except they fit the bucket perfectly.

That sounds so complicated but it’s really easy.  So as you’re changing the diaper, you put everything in the bucket.  When you’re all done, tie the bag closed and then pull it out.  Rip the bottom of that bag off the top of the next bag, and you’re ready to go next time!

Then, you can either store the dirty diaper bag in the trash can in the nursery or take it out somewhere!

We used cloth diapers for a while (we’re back to disposable now, but hopefully done with all diapers soon!) and the One N’ Done was so perfect for that too!  It allowed me to tie off the wet cloth diaper and throw it in the laundry room until I was ready to deal with it.  The alternative is a laundry room that reeks of baby urine until you’re ready to do a load of diapers!  Obviously, solid waste gets tossed out with cloth diapers, but even in that case, you need somewhere to put the dirty diaper initially until you can safely re-diaper the baby and get them off the changing table.

I totally sound like an infomercial but I truly tell everyone I know about this.  We just love it!  It would make a great baby shower gift too!

The Diaper One N’ Done

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