How to Easily Turn PDFs into JPGs

I have the best website I use all the time.  Whenever I have a PDF (a file that opens with Adobe Acrobat) that I want to turn into a JPG (a picture), I use this site that’s legit and free and super easy to use.


I think they get their money from ads etc. so be careful where you click, because a lot of ads look like the real thing.

Once you’re on the site, click the blue box that says “Choose a PDF file”.  That will open up your files to choose the one on your computer you want to upload and convert.  Then, on the right of that, you choose the quality of picture/JPG you want.  I always choose “Excellent” of course.  Then, below that on the left, choose “Convert PDF to JPG”

Now you’ll be taken to a new screen when it’s ready, and on the right side of the screen will be the list of all of your pages, and next to the page number it’ll say “view” “download”.  Each page of your PDF will have turned into a separate photo file, so you’ll have to download each one individually.

The last page is the scariest to click “download” because often the ad on the bottom of the screen will have the word “download” in it and it’s tempting to click there.  Don’t!  The only thing you need to download will be directly under the words “JPG Pictures”.

See the photo below for an example of what the final screen should look like:

Good luck!  Happy converting!



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