Film Roast Podcast

Do you listen to podcasts?

 I got turned onto them a few months ago and now I am a daily listener.  Basically a podcast is a talk radio show that you can either listen to online or download and listen to.  I use an iPhone, so I go to the purple icon on my phone that says Podcast, then I sign in using my Apple ID and password (what you used to sign into your phone when you first set it up, or what you use when you want to download a new app), then I can subscribe to any podcasts I want.  Some podcasts release “shows” daily, some weekly, some sporadically.  They are so good!  I’ve got several that I listen to every single episode of, and I’m going to share all of them on this site (in due time!)

One of my very favorite podcasts is called Film Roast; it’s two girls in their late 20s named Hannah and Julia.  Hannah is a friend of mine, full disclosure!  They are friends with each other from college and you can just tell they have fun together.  They talk about movie news in each episode, shows they have recently seen, and they usually do a topic, like “music in movies” or “horror films” and stuff.  At awards season time, they did quite a bit with the nominated films.

The girls started one year ago yesterday with little things on Twitter; it developed into this great podcast!  I started listening because I knew Hannah, and I keep listening because they actually really know what they’re talking about and have really great insight!  When I’m listening, I feel like I’m talking with a couple friends about movies. It’s so fun to just put on an episode and listen while I do chores, computer work, etc.


Also, they are really active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, with cool posts and shares.  Even if you don’t ever listen to a podcast episode, they are worth following on social media for their content!

Check them out!  I think you’ll like them too!

Film Roast Podcast

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