Facebook Hack #1

If you’re in any large Facebook groups, you’ve probably seen people comment on posts just so they can follow them.  They’ll comment “following” or just a period (.) so that when more people comment on the post, they’ll get a notification and be able to stay up to date.  I especially see this on community pages I’m on where someone will post a question about a crime or something and people don’t have the answer but they want to hear the answer too.

But here’s the thing!  You don’t have to comment just to stay up to date on the post!  Here’s what you need to do:  In the upper right corner of the post there are three dots.  Click on the dots.  A menu will drop down and you’ll choose “Turn on notifications for this post”.  Voila!  When you are done getting notifications on the post, click on the three dots and you’ll have the option to turn off notifications.

Follow Post Instructions

Not only does that mean you don’t have to leave an annoying comment, but you can also follow a post without anyone knowing about it 🙂

Happy post following!


Filed Under: Life Hacks, Online, Social MediaSeptember 2017