Pop Can Covers

You know I love my Kroger brand Cranberry Lime Sparkling Water in the can (from one of my very first posts) but another thing about me is that I am super paranoid about things flying into my pop can when I’m not looking, and then I accidentally swallow them!  The struggle is real.  Another thing about me is that I spill things.

Enter the pop can cover!  This little piece of plastic fits really tight over a pop can essentially for when you’re finished with it if you want to store it overnight but let’s be honest, why would you have soda left over?  You must not be drinking KCL Sparkling Water! 🙂 I use my can covers for between each sip of soda!  ESPECIALLY when drinking outside in the summer when bugs are all over the place!

I found mine on Amazon but there are several kinds out there and I’ve seen them on eBay too!


Premium Soda Can Lids 8 pack (Assorted)