Sarah Likes

Today’s like is another website I wish I’d have thought of. is a free site where you put in a domain name and it’ll tell you what’s available.  It’ll also show you which social medias it’s available on.  A picture would be a way better way to explain this.  Here’s the site:

Namechk Start

When you put in the name you’re hoping to get, let’s say “SarahLikes”, the formats where it’s available will show up in green:

Namechk Results

So you can see that isn’t available, but,,, etc. are available.

In addition, on Facebook, @sarahlikes on Twitter, and @sarahlikes on Instagram aren’t available, but is.

Anyways, the site is free to use, and you may not need it now but it’ll sure save you time in the future if you ever want to start a site, change your screen name, etc.!

Happy personal branding!

Sarah Likes Today: