Sarah Likes Casper Mattress

Up until last Christmas, my husband Chris and I had been sleeping on the mattress I bought when I was still a single gal…it was cheap, had a big dip in the middle, and worst of all, was so tall and I am so short that I literally had to slide off of it making the edge on “my side” less of a 90 degree angle and more of a curved slope!  In addition, it was a queen size, and now not only had I added a husband, but we’d added a snuggly dog and and even more snuggly toddler who joins us each morning, so it was time to upgrade to a king.

We shopped around for a long time and finally rolled the dice and ordered a Casper mattress off the internet.  I was so nervous to buy a mattress sight-unseen/unfelt!  But, it came with a 100 night guarantee so we thought we’d at least start with the Casper.  I was hesitant to spend that much money (it’s less than $950 but still more than I’d spent before and more than Costco or any of the “Casper knockoffs” (Purple, GhostBed) out there.  But Chris reasoned that we spend 1/3 of our day on the mattress (yeah, I wish!) and it’s an investment.  Okay, he wins.  Our Christmas present to each other was a brand new King mattress, a king-sized bed frame, king-sized sheets, and a king-sized waterproof aka toddlerproof mattress cover (those last two things will get their own post at some point!).  Best Christmas Ever.  It was the largest non-house, non-honeymoon, non-car, non-baby adoption purchase we’d ever made.  What a gamble!

Casper 2

It was delivered within days to our front porch, in a box about 4 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet.  As we opened the box and cut the plastic wrap, it was like an emergency flotation device was inflating!  It popped right up and became a bona fide mattress!  For about 24 hours, it smelled a little bit like the plastic wrap, but we waited to put the sheets on for about a day and then it was totally gone.  My other concern had been removal of our old mattress, which is free when you go with a brick-and-mortar matress company.  But I posted our used, discolored, saggy in spots mattress on Craigslist for free and it was gone in an instant.

Chris was immediately in love with the Casper.  The first morning, he said he’d gotten the best night sleep of his life. For me, I felt like my problem before was lack of opportunity for sleep, not lack of quality sleep!  I just needed more hours in the day!  After about a week, we went out of town and stayed in a hotel.  Two nights later, we got back to our Casper, and I felt like I was coming home to my own personal cloud.  I hadn’t realized how wonderful it had been until I didn’t have it all of a sudden.  Well, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone!

It has been true love ever since.


If you want to try the Casper, and you use this link, you’ll get $50 off any mattress!

Sweet dreams!

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Casper Mattress