Sarah Likes Eric Johnson

Did you ever think only three weeks into my site I’d be recommending a news anchor?But Eric Johnson is so much more than a newscaster.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is the 5:00 news anchor on Seattle’s Komo 4 News, where he has worked for a really long time (he used to do sports but now is a lead anchor).  His best work, though, is a) Eric’s Heroes and b) His Facebook page.

Eric’s Heroes is inspired by his former weekly feature called “Eric’s Little Heroes” which would highlight little kids playing sports.  Eric’s Heroes, the new one, is a weekly story that features a different feel-good story every week.  If you want to feel good about our world, watch a few of his videos.  I especially recommend the one about Will and Beca and its follow-up story!

Eric has also done some really hard-hitting pieces, one year-long look at Seattle’s homeless community and another on the Heroin epidemic in Seattle.  I’m talking Pulitzer-prize-worthy pieces.

The other thing he does that is so great is just his Facebook page.  He just has a way of writing that I can’t explain!  He can tell a funny story, a moving story about the past, or just a short funny post and it’s so beautifully written you’ll feel like you’re reading poetry.

Even if you don’t live in the Seattle area, you should follow him on Facebook.  I promise it’s worth it.

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