Sarah Likes the Slate News Quiz


a) it means my husband Chris will be home for two full days of family fun!
b) it means I might get to sleep in a teensy bit the next day
c) it means the Slate News Quiz has been posted!

I literally go to bed on Thursday nights anticipating waking up to the quiz.  Is that sad?  I would take it as soon as I wake up Friday, but I like to do it on the computer and not on my phone because I think my response time is faster on the laptop.  I am a diehard quizzer.

Slate News Quiz

Every Friday morning, the news site (one of my very faves) posts a 12 question multiple choice quiz of news stories from the last seven days.  You have 50 seconds to answer each question, and the faster you answer the higher your score will be.  You see the correct answer for each question immediately after answering, and many times there’s a comedic element to a few of the questions and/or answers.  At the end, you see your score, and you’ll see your score in comparison to one Slate staffer (a different person each week) and the average quiz-taker.

I know it’s gonna be a good weekend when I’ve beat both.

And if one or both beat me?
Well…still a good weekend.

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Slate News Quiz