Sarah Likes Fisher Fair Scones

Our family is headed to the Puyallup Fair today!
Yes, I know it’s now called the “Washington State Fair” but I’ll call it the Puyallup Fair for the rest of my life!

My very very very favorite food in the whole world is the Fisher Fair Scone.


Actually, until I went to write this post, I didn’t know a few really interesting things about them:  In 1910, Fisher Flour Company started in Seattle!  They actually started selling scones as a way to promote their flour!  Obvi the scones took off and became the main event.  They started selling them at the Fair in 1915, and in 2011, the company sold their 100 millionth scone at…you guessed it…the Puyallup Fair!  Just last year, fair-goers ate 1.6 million scones!

I can’t promise I’ll eat 1.6 million today, but I’ll do my best.

Sarah Likes Today:
Fisher Original Fair Scone & Shortcake Mix