Sarah Likes Pre-Ordering via Amazon

Today’s previously planned post won’t go up until later this week cause I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about something!

In the last few months, I pre-ordered a book through Amazon, and I pre-ordered a book through Barnes and Noble.  I usually prefer Amazon anyways, and find them to be cheaper than B&N, but I had a gift card so I used it on this pre-order.

Books always release on Tuesdays.  The Tuesday my Amazon-ordered book was released, it was on my porch that afternoon (whole other post coming about this book!).  The Tuesday my Barnes & Noble book was released (this past Tuesday), it didn’t come.  Nor did it come Wednesday.  Nor Thursday.  Nor Friday.  It came YESTERDAY!  And it was even more frustrating because the book signing for Seattle was Tuesday night.  Guess who didn’t have a book to get signed?!?

So just FYI.
Continue pre-ordering please, because it really helps authors, as publishers and backers use pre-order numbers to generate buzz and estimate production run amounts.  But only pre-order via Amazon if you want to have any semblance speed of delivery.

Sarah Likes Today:
Pre-Ordering Books on Amazon