Sarah Likes the Huglight

I love to read in bed, but my nightstand light is pretty bright for my husband Chris to try to sleep through.
I hate those clip on book lights because they don’t stay up and they’re heavy and I don’t feel like they work very well.

Enter the neck book light called “Huglight“!


I found this product a few years ago and I use it nightly!  Bendable foam connects two LED lights that when worn around your neck point directly at what you’re looking at!

If you’re sitting or laying down, the light hangs perfectly on your neck and you’ll barely feel it!

It’s got three settings and a red light setting, apparently the red light is softer than the white and doesn’t disrupt your night vision as badly as white…but I only use white and don’t seem to have a problem.

I love it because it shuts off after 30 minutes, and usually that’s all I need!  But if I’m still reading, obviously I just turn it back on.

This item was a game changer for me!  I’ve used it in the car when I’m a passenger, I’ve used it walking around on a camping trip, and I use it every night.  I’ve only changed the batteries once!

Happy night reading!

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The Huglight