Sarah Likes Dollar Shave Club

Are you a member of “the club”?
Dollar Shave Club is the best!

I’ve been a member since almost the very beginning.  It was my brother-in-law Brian who referred me, and if you know him you know he’s had a glorious beard for so long that I don’t even remember when he used a razor on his face!  It sounds like a club for men only, but I LOVE shaving my legs with a brand new blade every couple of shaves.

There are like three companies who make razors, and they are all super expensive.  Dollar Shave Club takes out all the middle man and passes the savings onto you, for a quality but no-frills product that is nice enough to work great and be safe but cheap enough that you don’t feel bad changing your blade super often!

The first time you order, you’ll get a handle (for free!) and five blades.  Then, every month, you’ll automatically be shipped five more blades.  You can choose every month, every other month, or do what I do and pause my subscription whenever I have too many blades building up in my bathroom cabinet (aka the winter time!).  There are a lot of blade qualities to choose from but I use the Humble Twin and I love it.

DSC Blade

It is literally one dollar, plus $2 for shipping and tax.  Each month, I only pay $3 total for five blades (60 cents a blade!).  With each mailing, you also get their “Bathroom Notes” newsletter that’s full of fun facts and puzzles to do, and you know that’s right up my alley.  Their website has neat content on it, and their customer service is stellar.  Small businesses/startups for the win!

There are things you can go on and add to your shipment for no extra shipping cost, like shaving products (lotions, etc.), hair products, extra blades, and additional handles.  I have an extra handle and I keep it in my travel bag with a set of blades.  That way, when I get to my destination, I pop a blade on and throw it away before I leave.  I never have to travel with an actual blade on the razor which you know gets it super dirty and dangerous.

I just love putting on a brand new fresh blade; it feels like such a luxury, and I get to do it every week!

Hope you enjoy doing it too!

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Dollar Shave Club

Today’s “like” is linked with the October giveaway!  The prize is three free months of Dollar Shave Club plus a trial variety pack!  For info on how to enter, visit this page.