Sarah Likes EarPlanes

Today’s like was a game-changer for me.
I’ve said on here before that I do not fly well.  That’s the understatement of the century!
But one of my “issues” when I fly has been taken care of by this wonderful invention: EarPlanes!

My ears used to have sooooo much trouble adjusting to the pressure.  Takeoff is bad, but landing is absolutely horrible.  I’ve had to go to the doctor at my destination for relief, and ear pressure has ruined several vacations.

Doctors had suggested things that worked okay but not completely: chew gum (obviously), take Sudafed the night before, use nasal spray right before takeoff.  But then I saw a commercial a few years ago for these little earplugs that supposedly help, and I thought it couldn’t hurt.

Here’s how they work: You put them into your ears before the airplane doors close and the cabin gets pressurized.  Now, people who don’t have a ton of trouble with their ears don’t really need to use them at takeoff.  The draw back is that although they don’t block out noise completely, they do cut out a lot of the noise (for me that’s a good thing because while 5% of my airplane issues were ear-related, 95% is anxiety-related, so being in my own little world is nice!).  Plus I have over-the-ear headphones that I love so I do just fine.

As soon as the plane reaches cruising altitude and the seatbelt light turns off, I take them out.  Then, about an hour before landing, I put them back in.  I keep them in until the cabin doors are opened.

You can use them several times but I usually try to do one pair per trip.  I get them online because that’s where I’ve found the cheapest price, but in a pinch I have purchased them at Hudson News (for twice the price!) at the airport.

Honestly, I’d pay anything for ear pain relief so at less than $8 per pair, it’s a steal!

They are so easy to use and so life-changing for me!  If they work for me who had medical-issue ear pain, they’ll definitely work for the average traveler. Especially if you have a connecting flight with not a lot of time between, when pressure can really build up, I would give them a try.  You don’t even hear your ears popping, they just slowly change with the plane pressure.  I don’t know how but it’s pure travel magic!

Happy flying!

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