Sarah Likes Vegas

Even though my daily “like” posts every day at 5:30am, you know I’m not really up that early.  I have my “likes” list scheduled out several months but I don’t write them until a day or two before in case something changes or I want to insert a new like or something.  In fact, Sunday’s post, the giveaway post, was actually scheduled to be something else until literally the night before when I was putting the finishing touches on the post and I started to have second thoughts about this particular item that has to do with Bible verses, and I just double checked it vs. the Bible and found that they had changed a couple words a couple times.  Nothing huge, and the main message was still there, but still not okay with me.  I had to remove my stamp of approval and re-write the Dollar Shave Club post and come up with a new giveaway at the last minute.  That’s my commitment to quality!

That being said, I wrote and uploaded yesterday’s post before the tragedy in Las Vegas on Sunday night.  I uploaded it, started working on something else, and then Chris and I watched in horror as our “regularly scheduled programming” was interrupted by breaking news.

Vegas is one of my very favorite vacation spots; we were just there two months ago to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  The country concert is one I very easily could have been at.  But regardless of the activity, the location, how much we have in common with the victims: this is devastating.

I’m sorry, but I can’t post a “like” today because although I already admit that “the best things in life aren’t things”, posting something even in fun seems difficult right now.

So I’m gonna just post a couple helpful links, and I’ll post a fun “like” tomorrow.

Pray for Las Vegas

Everytown for Gun Safety Website article “There is No ‘Hope’ with Mass Shootings”
Go Fund Me account for Las Vegas victims
BloodWorks Northwest Website
 (they have been sending blood to Las Vegas)

As a Christian, I am praying for this situation, but God calls us to action too.
Please consider doing what you can to help this situation.