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Here’s a life hack that I made up!

Nail Polish Hack 1

Okay, I’m 99% sure I didn’t actually make it up, but it was an original thought of mine and I’ve been doing it since high school.

I hate getting home from a mani or pedi and in a few days, I get a chip.  Then what do I do?  Take all the polish off?  Live with chippy nails?  Try to touch up with a color of my own that’s close but no cigar?

I know it’s fun to try different colors, but for less than $10 extra, you can own the color.

I always, always, always, bring my own bottle of polish which they are always happy to use.  Then, when it inevitably begins to chip, I have the exact same bottle to use for touch ups!

And really, if you use the color for more than one mani or pedi, now you’re talking about it only costing $3-5 more per visit!

It’s important to bring a polish quality that matches the salon’s quality.  You can’t bring Wet N Wild to Gene Juarez.  But in the same way, that’s another reason to bring your own and not just use their bottle of a color you have at home: they may have watered down their polish.

For polishes right now I’m loving essie and butter LONDON (this is the color I’m using right now).  Most salons have OPI Polish and there are always tons of color choices from them too.  You can get essie and OPI at most grocery stores, too, so it’s super accessible!

Try this once and you won’t go back!!!

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Bring Your Own Polish

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