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Do you guys remember Ken Jennings from Jeopardy fame?

He’s a local (Seattle) and he’s done a lot of trivia stuff since his Jeopardy days…written a few books (including a cool series of “Junior Genius Guides”, he used to run the Slate News Quiz I talked about last month, he’s done several columns/games, and one of those is called “Kennections“.

Right now Kennections is hosted on the Mental Floss website (which you’ll remember is my very favorite-but-recently no longer in print magazine) and he posts weekly.

Basically it’s several trivia questions and you type in the answer (when you have the correct one, it’ll show up in green).  The last question is, what is the “kennection” between each of the answers?

For instance, here’s this week’s Kennections quiz:

  1. What sport’s hall of famers include Dave Bing, Bernard King, and Yao Ming?
    [answer: basketball]
  2. What gets 3.78 centimeters farther from the earth every year, about the same speed that fingernails grow?
    [answer: the moon]
  3. What was the last Beatles album that the band followed with a live tour?
    [answer: revolver]
  4. What drug did Bayer trademark in 1895 as an over-the-counter cough suppressant, naming it for the euphoric powerful feeling it produced?
    [answer: heroin]
  5. Woody Harrelson earned an Oscar nomination for what 2009 movie in which he played a US Army captain assigned to notify families of fallen soldiers?
    [answer: The Messenger]

Okay, can you guess what all the answers have in common? (basketball, the moon, revolver, heroin, and the messenger)?  They are all things you shoot!

Hope you enjoy visiting this site weekly as much as I do!

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