Sarah Likes the Magnetic Car Mount

In Washington State, we now have a completely hands-free requirement for cell phone use in cars (let’s be honest, even if that’s not a law it should be what you do).

I needed a way to hold my phone up in my car and had tried a suction cup windshield mount (fell down) and an air vent mount (stretched out over time) and a sticky pad mount (unstuck over time).  Then, I noticed a little sticker a friend at church had on the back of her phone and I asked her about it…it was this little gadget!  I ordered myself one that afternoon, it came the next day, and I’ve been in love ever since!

Car Mount

The magnet doesn’t mess up the phone at ALL, and you can use Goo Gone on your dashboard when you’re ready to take the phone mount off (but why would you?!?) p.s. separate post on Goo Gone coming soon – man I love that stuff!

I have never found something that worked so well for my phone!  I love it because I can rotate the phone whichever way I want, and I could place it anywhere on the dash (unlike other mounts where I was forced to put it on the windshield, or on a super big flat spot, or on the air vent), and I can easily get the phone off and on it.  I love this thing!

Happy hands-free car phone use!

Sarah Likes Today:
Universal Magnetic Car Mount


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