Sarah Likes “Almost Like Praying”

You guys know Lin-Manuel Miranda, right?
Hamilton, In The Heights, the new Magic School Bus theme song…
He can do no wrong.

When Puerto Rico was almost destroyed by Hurricane Maria, he pulled a bunch of Puerto Rican musicians and celebrities together to create this song he wrote, based around a sample from the “Maria” song from West Side Story <–cool double meaning of the sample because West Side Story is all about being from Puerto Rico AND that’s the name of the hurricane!).  He has spent the last week travelling around the country to get people’s individual track recordings!


Featured on the song are Lin-Manuel (obviously), J-Lo, Marc Anthony (not at the same time), Anthony Ramos from Hamilton, Gina Rodriguez from “Jane the Virgin” (remember this post?!), Gloria Estefan, John Leguizamo, Fat Joe, and a ton of others!

All the proceeds from the purchase of this song go to the Hispanic Federation which will aid the relief effort!  Purchasing the song for download is the best way to donate (well, in addition to just sending a donation!) but even watching the You Tube video or streaming the song on Spotify helps, as clicks/ad views help monetarily too!

Check the song out!  Enjoy!


Sarah Likes Today:
“Almost Like Praying” Song Download
“Almost Like Praying” Video


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