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About a week ago, I tweeted out a picture of my son Anthony with our golden find, “The Diarrhea Times”, a real paper we literally got the last copy in Seattle of.

Diarrhea Times

Behind this Pulitzer-worthy paper is the TV show “Nathan For You“, a documentary-style comedy series on Comedy Central starring Nathan Fielder as an intense version of his real self: awkward, super dry sense of humor, fairly good at business.  On the show, he partners with actual businesses who ask for his help and think of a way for them to get more business.  It’s hard to explain but for instance:

In my favorite episode ever, he partners with a gas station and lowers the price of their gas to 1 penny.  But there’s a catch: the fine print says 1 penny per gallon AFTER REBATE.  He gives the rebate form to customers, but the fine print on THAT says that the form must only be turned in on top of this mountain that’s unreachable by car. (They spend the rest of the episode leading a hiking group up to the top and make sure that when one of the customers is on screen, they print out the amount of the rebate coming to them…$7, $10, etc.)

In another episode that made national news, he partnered with a coffee shop to change their name officially to “Dumb Starbucks” as a publicity stunt, but in order to legally use the Starbucks name and similar logo, they had to establish themselves as parody artists.  They spend the rest of the episode going to various open mic nights in order to get a reputation for impersonating people and companies.

The recent episode that featured “The Diarrhea Times” is really hard to explain, but it started with a small diner that needs publicity, and ends with Nathan creating a real paper with real circulation called “The Diarrhea Times” (so people wouldn’t read it) where they could print a notice of someone’s name change for the minimum amount of time required by California law, so that someone they paid off Craigslist could legally change their name to “Michael Richards” so they could use his debit card at the diner for a Michael Richards impersonator to go in, eat a meal, pay with the debit card, and leave a huge tip.

My descriptions can’t do it justice, but I’ll just say this: I have never laughed so hard during a TV show as I laugh with Nathan For You.  It’s funny, it’s clean, and it actually does help small businesses (usually).  Enjoy!

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