Sarah Likes Goody Quikstyle Brush

I’ve always had medium to long hair, and I have a lot of it!
The worst part of having long hair (besides drain-cleaning duty!) is drying it!

I’ve used this brush for years and it’s totally changed the game for me.

When I first read about it in a magazine, I thought it sounded too good to be true and it was just another gimmick.  But I tried it, and I truly feel like it makes my hair dry faster.  Honestly, anything that shaves a few minutes off for me without adding more damaging heat, I’m all for.

On the brush, between bristles, are microfiber pieces that help whisk the hair away.  I especially find that it helps with the first part of hair drying, when you very first get out of the shower and it’s dripping wet.

When you need to wash the brush, you just use baby shampoo and let it air dry.  Easy as that!

If you have long thick hair that just won’t dry fast enough, give this a try!

Sarah Likes Today:
Goody Quikstyle Microfiber Hairbrush

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