Sarah Likes Trucks

Today I have an app that has saved my life a time or two.
Okay, life is a little dramatic.  Let’s say, it’s saved my time in line at the post office, my church services spent in the lobby, and my time in a traffic jam with a toddler.  So basically my life.

I’ve mentioned this app before but it deserves its own post.  It’s the Trucks app from Duck Duck Moose, a subsidiary of Khan Academy!


It’s super simple, there are several different scenes: a city road, a construction site, a garbage/recycle station, and a car wash.  Whichever scene you pick you can touch parts of the screen to make things happen.  You either make the cars stop and go, or you help clean the car, or you dump the dirt, or you drag garbage into garbage and recycle into recycle.  Does it sound too simple?  Well it’s for ages 5 and under.

I’m definitely not a toddlers-having-screentime lover, but I also sometimes need a semi-educational experience that keeps my toddler glued to it for two or three minutes.

Hope you can have two or three minutes of peace today, too!

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