Sarah Likes the Orange Peeler

This week was my son Anthony’s turn to bring the class snack to his co-op preschool class.  I decided to bring Cuties and Pirates Booty because they are two of Anthony’s favorite foods and easy to prep.

Or so I thought.  I didn’t want to peel the Cuties the night before because I was afraid they’d get dried out, so here I am the morning of his class with 25 cuties to peel.


Thankfully I had my orange peeler that I have used for years.  We eat a LOT of oranges in our family but I really can’t stand peeling them.  I don’t like how much time it takes, I don’t like how messy it is, and I really really really hate getting orange peel under my fingernails!  The orange peeler is this little stick tool that on one end you cut the peel open with, then you flip it over and stick the other side into the cut and run it between the peel and the orange, and voila!  The peel comes off in huge clean pieces!


Also it’s like the cheapest thing ever.  So cheap that it’s sold in multiples cause it’s not worth mailing.  And it’s so cheap that I’m doing an EXTRA giveaway this month in addition to the normal monthly giveaway we’ve already done.

ALL you have to do is like the post about the orange peeler on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll be entered to win! 😀 Contest ends at 5:00pm on Monday, October 16th!

Happy easy peeling!

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The Orange Peeler