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The updated 2014 version of the movie Annie is literally in my top three movies (the other two? Keep reading! I’ll post about them someday!).


When I was little, the original movie version was my first “like” ever.  I loved it so much.  I still do!  So when I went to the theater to see the new version, I went in SUPER skeptical.  If anyone was going to not like this movie, it was me.

But I loooooooved it.  I still love it, and we watch it at our house all the time.  I’m secretly hoping it’ll become Anthony’s first “like”.

The 2014 movie follows the original very closely with only a few huge upgrades:

Annie stats

Hope you enjoy the movie as much as I do!  Enjoy it, cause it’s a hard knock life!

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Annie (2014)

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