Sarah Likes Weekender Waterproof Mattress Cover

Sadly, our toddler Anthony had his first ever throw up session last night…in our bed!
Anthony routinely comes into our bed a little bit before dawn and we love it!  Except last night, when he came in a little earlier than usual, sat straight up after a few minutes, and started throwing up everywhere.  It was so sad and so gross at the same time.

But remember my post from a few weeks ago?  Less than a year ago, we splurged on a Casper mattress that we love so much!  Is the Casper ruined now?!?!?!

NO!  When we bought the Casper, we invested $12 on one of these amazing waterproof mattress covers from Weekender.  Not only did we know vomit would likely be in our future, but probably toddler pee, spilled drinks, ETC would be in the mattress’ future too.

I knew I wanted something totally waterproof, but I was so afraid it’d be basically like buying plastic sheets that would be noisy and sweaty and slippery.  But these had the word “noiseless” in the name so we thought we’d try them out.

We are so happy with them!  It’s just a mattress pad you put on between the mattress and your fitted sheet and you won’t even know it’s there.  It just goes right into the washer and dryer when it needs to be washed.  Most importantly, I can report that it has protected our precious Casper through several leaky diapers and now one vomit session!

We ended up buying a second one so that laundry is easier, and for nights like last night where you’re changing the sheets at 3am, we were so glad to have a clean fresh one available before we put our sick boy back into our bed after we re-made it.

Well, that’s it for today, I’m off to do some serious laundry and take care of my little guy!

Sarah Likes Today:
WEEKENDER Fitted Jersey Mattress Protector with Quiet Waterproof Barrier


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