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Do you remember the 1992 Disney Movie “Newsies”?  Starring a young Christian Bale?  Newsies is the story based on a real-life newsies strike in 1889, and the story revolves around a small group of child newspaper distributors in New York City working long hours for basically no money.  It’s obvious they’ll never get ahead, or catch a break, and they’ll basically be worked to death.  The kids rally together and realize if they form an unofficial “union” then the bosses will have to listen to them.  The bosses refuse to meet their demands (crazy things like “safe working conditions” etc.) and so they get other newsies and child laborers around the city to go on strike. It’s an old fashioned movie, but the music is really good. There are a few slow songs, and several really slow parts, though.

But wait!  All that is about to change!

In 2012, they re-did several things and brought the show to Broadway.  It’s wonderful!  All of the slow parts and slow songs are GONE!  The great songs are even GREATER!  The new songs are WONDERFUL!  The dancing and choreography is AMAZING!

But wait!  It gets even better!

Earlier this year, they got the “dream cast” (basically the best person that has performed each role ever) together for a show that they recorded on video, and released it to the world!  In February, it showed at movie theaters around the country, and then it was released for streaming at home on Amazon and Netflix!


I watch my copy all. the. time.  It’s my go-to show to watch on airplanes (along with About Time, another awesome movie) and I basically turn it on every time I have a cleaning day at home.

If you’re local to the Seattle area, I have even GREATER news!  Village Theatre in Issaquah is doing Newsies November 9-December 31st!  This is such a great live show.  Village Theatre has contacted Sarah Likes Today and offered a 20% promo code to readers for shows November 8-26!  Use FANSIES at checkout for your discount.

It’s appropriate for all ages, the music is incredible, the story is really fun, and it’s based on a true story.  Mostly, I feel like watching/listening to it this year I have really felt more connected with the story and lyrics than ever; it’s about joining together to fight for what is right and what is good.  How much more timely can it get?

Once we’ve begun
If we stand as one
Someday becomes somehow
And the prayer becomes a vow
And the strike starts right damn now!

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