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Are you playing Starbucks Bingo?


A few times a year Starbucks does a fun game through the app and website where you can win a ton of free drinks.  Sometimes it’s bonus stars, sometimes it’s one coffee a day for the rest of your life, no matter what it’s something good!

The Starbucks rewards program normally earns you one star for every dollar you spend, and once you have 125 stars you get a free anything (individual food or drink).  Obviously it’s not actually “free” because you have to spend $125 to get a free item, but here are some tips to work the system:

  1. Check the app often for promotions.  Under “inbox”, you’ll see things like double star days and challenges that you may have to opt-in to.  For example, a promotion where if you go three days in a row, you’ll get an extra 30 stars.
  2. Not all star promotions are the same.  If all you have to do to complete promotional challenges is make a purchase, maybe you stop by for a banana or something.  Who said you need to order a latte three days in a row?  Now you’ve earned 30 bonus stars on $3 worth of purchases!
  3. Get your money’s worth.  My regular drink is a venti unsweetened iced tea which costs about $2.  But when I get a free one, I get the most expensive thing possible: venti blended frappuccino for my hubby worth over $7 or a lunch-sized food item from the Mercato collection (which is delicious but costs more than diamonds).
  4. Play the Bingo game strategically.  The current game is called Bingo but it’s basically tic-tac-toe.  The different challenges to fill up your game board are
    a) All Day: Make a purchase before 12pm and another after 12pm in a single day.
    b) Coffee with Friends: Make a purchase of $12 or more in a single order.
    c) Coffee Ranger: Make a purchase at 3 different participating Starbucks stores.
    d) Fri-yay: Make a purchase after 12pm on a Friday.
    e) Mid-Weekender: Make one purchase during the week, and another on the weekend.
    f) Monday Funday: Make a purchase after 11am on a Monday.
    g) Jump the Line: Make 4 separate purchases by ordering ahead through the Starbucks App.
    h) Sip and Savor: Make a purchase of $6 or more in a single order between 11am and 2pm.
    i) Weekender: Make 3 purchases on a Saturday or Sunday.

    The key is that a single transaction can count for multiple challenges.  For instance, if I go on a Monday at 11:30am to a Starbucks I don’t usually go to and order ahead on the app, spending $12, I will have gotten part of All Day, all of Coffee with Friends, part of Coffee Ranger, part of Mid-Weekender, all of Monday Funday, part of Jump the Line, and all of Sip and Savor.

With this bingo game, every time you fill a square, you get 10 bonus stars.  Everytime you complete three in a row, you get 30 bonus stars.  Once you finish the board, you get 20 bonus points.  Basically, if you play this game right, you can earn 350 bonus stars which is almost 3 free drinks – redeem those three drinks for something expensive (cheese platter?  venti unicorn frapp?) and you’re basically about $25 ahead!


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