Sarah Likes Cutex Pads

A couple weeks ago I shared about nail polish (and a nail polish life hack) but today it’s all about taking it off!

I used to use bottles of nail polish remover and cotton balls, and then one time I was traveling and needed something quick, and I found these little pads.  I have never used the bottle of nail polish remover since!

These little pads from Cutex are individually wrapped and come 10 to a pack.  They’re about the size of a moist towelette, and one of them will do both hands, even if it’s on really thick!  Since they are individually wrapped, I always keep one in my travel toiletries bag just in case I have a chip on a trip! 🙂  Seriously, even if I don’t have room to bring my bottle of polish, some chips are so bad I’d rather have no polish on than half polish on!


I will use these little nail polish remover pads forever!!!

Sarah Likes Today:
Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads

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