Sarah Likes Wendy’s Frosty Coupons

For Halloween this year, we’re giving out something fun to our trick-or-treaters! Wendy’s is selling coupon books for $1 and inside you get five Halloween-themed coupons for a free Junior Frosty.


Yes, we will be THAT house on the block that gives out something other than candy (but come on people, it’s not like it’s toothbrushes or apples or something!)

It gets better: for each $1 book sold, 85 cents goes to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which helps place foster children in forever adoptive homes and helps defray the costs for those families!  A truly great organization.

Even if you don’t end up getting 20 booklets like we did, pick yourself up a few!  They don’t expire until the end of January 2018!

Sarah Likes Today:
Wendy’s Halloween Coupon Books for a Free Junior Frosty


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