Sarah Likes Beilove Silicone Rings

I totally love my engagement/wedding rings, but it’s not always convenient to wear them.  On vacation, when swimming, when sleeping, when changing diapers, etc. etc. etc.!  I was taking my rings off for those activities but it started to seem like I was not wearing my rings more than I was wearing them!  I didn’t like that.


I found these silicone rings online that I really love.  They are thin and delicate looking, but sturdy and high-quality at the same time.  They are affordable, come in a ton of different colors and styles, and I don’t feel bad if I get poopy diaper on them!

There are a lot of similar rings out there but I have found these to be the best deal for the highest quality.  And do you need to know your ring size?  Remember my post about the site that shows you your ring size!

Sarah Likes Today:
Beilove Silicone Wedding Rings

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