“The Popcast with Knox & Jamie”

Another podcast I love!

My friend Julie turned me onto The Popcast with Knox and Jamie earlier this year and I can’t get enough of it.  It’s slogan says it all.  “The Popcast is dedicated to educating you on the things that entertain, but do not matter.”


The Popcast is hosted by Knox McCoy of Chatanooga, Tennessee and Jamie Golden of Birmingham, Alabama.  They put out a weekly show that generally follows the same format: each show has a theme of some sort (i.e. “Twins in Pop Culture“, “Best and Worst Fictional Neighbors“, “Fall Movie Preview“) and they spend the majority of the time talking about their opinions on the topic.  They usually do a little bit of talking about recent pop culture news, then end the show by “doing lights”: each one of them picks something to “green light” and “red light” for the week (aka something they liked and didn’t like, respectively).

Knox and Jamie are funny, smart, well-spoken, and super relateable.  Knox and Jamie are both Christians, but it’s not a Christian show.  (Insert my slow clap here…).  Their shows are super well researched and hilarious.  My only complaint?  This quick talking Seattle girl has to listen to the show on 1.5x or 2x speed increase because people from the south talk sooooooo slow.  Listening to it in real time is like watching taffy get made!

Check out the Podcast; there’s no need to start from the very beginning.  Just pick it up from this week on.  Like me, you may find yourself wanting to go back to previous episodes based on the topic, but for the most part it’s not cumulative.  Their website has a special page for people brand new to the Popcast that highlights a few episodes you may want to start with if you want to go back to them.


The Popcast with Knox and Jamie

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