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We just had our family fall photos taken, and we’re in love with them!

We always, always, always, use Captured by Ceci Photography for photos.  Ceci is the very best and she has such a great eye for things.  All I need to do is pick a date, and she’ll ask a few questions about my needs (portrait/indoor, outdoor, candid, etc.) and take it from there!  She provides location, props, pose ideas, everything.  She brings things for kids to be distracted by, and she’s so good with kids too.

She takes a ton of pictures, and edits them within days, and gives you all of them digitally.  You own your pictures to use however you want.  They are high enough resolution to crop and blow up poster sized, so you can use the photos to turn them into grandma gifts, etc.  You can post whatever you want online – they are yours!  And they turn out so beautifully.  She does kid pictures, family pictures, senior pictures, newborn pictures, and huge group pictures.  All super well.

For such high quality and customer service, you’d think she’d be at the very top of the price range for photographs but she is actually so reasonable.  What you need determines price but she’ll figure it out before you commit/take pictures.  For about 30-45 minutes of photos, it costs about $100-150.  That’s a super good deal compared to what else is out there and what you end up getting, especially since you end up getting to keep all the photos.

Before we started using Captured by Ceci, we’d go to Picture People every few months, and we’d get about 10 minutes with them (one or two outfits and barely any time for ideas, poses, etc.), no extra people in the shot, only one choice of location (studio), and I’d get to pick six pictures to take home and it would cost about $175.

If you follow her page on Facebook, she’ll often offer “mini-sessions” for things like back-to-school and Valentine’s Day, where she’ll schedule you for a 20-30 minute session in studio for a slammer deal.  If you’re in the Seattle area, especially south King County, I could not recommend her more highly!

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Captured by Ceci Photography

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