It’s National Adoption Awareness Month!

Happy November!
Happy National Adoption Month!

We adopted our son Anthony when he was born in July 2015 and [obviously] he’s the best thing in our whole lives.  We are so blessed by adoption and love to tell anyone and everyone about it!

This month I’ll be highlighting a lot of adoption-related things.  Most things will apply to all readers, not just adoptive families.  I’ll post tips/hints on talking about adoption, how you can help, baby shower gift ideas for adoptive families, etc.

Because this is the month of Black Friday and the month right before Christmas, not ALL of the daily posts will be adoption-related, but most will.  If there’s a subject or topic relating to adoption (or anything) that you’d like me to address, please fill out the form on the comment page and I’ll get right on it!

Again, happy National Adoption Month!