“My Family, My Journey”

It’s Day 4 of National Adoption Month! (See here for my previous NAM entries)

Today I want to show you the baby book we used for our son Anthony!


My Family, My Journey” is a scrapbook-style baby book specifically made for adoptive and/or non-traditional families.  We just love it!

Instead of having only the traditional spots for “Mom”, “Dad”, “Hospital photo”, etc., it’s really sensitively made, knowing that some kids’ first days may be a mystery, or that there may be way more than just Mom and Dad who love them!

It’s a high-quality, spiral bound book that’s definitely keepsake-worthy.  We’re so glad to have found it!

This would be a great baby shower gift for anyone you know who may be adopting, too!

(and just while we’re on the subject of baby books let me just show this adorable picture of Anthony at the hospital, I think 3 days old…I can’t help it! :-))


My Family, My Journey: A Baby Book for Adoptive Families

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