“Some Babies are Adopted”

It’s the 6th day of National Adoption Awareness Month! (See the other posts here).

Earlier this year, we contributed to a Kickstarter campaign for a wonderful book that has now been published and is available for purchase: Some Babies Are Adopted by Cindy Walker.

Some Babies 1

This is a really sweet children’s book that illustrates infant adoption and really focuses on a) birth mothers make a HUGE sacrifice out of love and b) a family is a family is a family.

What more could you want?

And Anthony’s name is in the book because we participated in the Kickstarter!  Anthony’s little friend from his preschool class (another adoptive family!) has her picture illustrated in the book too!

It’s a fun, sweet, book that would be a great baby shower or baby gift for a family adopting a baby.  I am not sure you’d want it for the adoption of an older child or a child being adopted from foster care.

Some Babies Are Adopted by Cindy Walker

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