Doc McStuffins

Today is the 9th day of National Adoption Month!  See the other posts here.

Doc McStuffins is a sweet show on Disney Junior Channel about a little girl whose stuffed animals come to life when no one else is around and she takes care of their ailments in her clinic.  She’s sweet, she’s polite, and she’s adorable.


Why is this show part of my National Adoption Month posts?

Because about 2/3 of the way through the series, Doc’s parents announced that their family of four was becoming a family of five: the McStuffins family was adopting a baby girl!

doc mcstuffins2

Besides the few episodes where they are preparing for the baby, bringing the baby home, and having the baby’s first few nights at home, adoption isn’t the focus, but it is mentioned from time to time.  Always positively, always sensitively.

One more reason for us to love this sweet show!
(and also PS my girl Michelle Obama voiced herself in one of my favorite episodes!)

Doc McStuffins

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