Set Your DVRs: “In the Heights”

Have you heard of In the Heights?
Well, have you heard of Hamilton?

In the Heights

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created Hamilton, made In the Heights in the mid-2000s and it premiered on Broadway in 2008.  I saw it not too long after that and fell in love with it.  It changed the game.  You think Hamilton changed the game?  In the Heights paved the way for Hamilton.

In the Heights takes place in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City.  It follows a few central characters, the main one being Usnavi, a Dominican Republic-born bodega owner, played originally by Lin-Manuel Miranda.  He introduces us to the people central to his life in Washington Heights and we follow their stories for three days (over the course of about two hours of course!).  The show combines traditional Broadway-style music with latin-american-influenced rap.  You will tap your toes, you’ll bob your head, you’ll be humming the songs long after you see it.

Well guess what!  You get to see it!
okay, well, some of it.

PBS has been doing a series of Broadway documentaries called “Great Performances” where they show most of the musical using the original Broadway cast.  Tonight (Nov. 10th) they will air In the Heights!

Set your DVRs.  This is not to be missed and you will want to watch it more than once.

Watch the In the Heights special on PBS tonight at 9pm

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