Since it’s National Adoption Month, and I’ve been posting about adoption-related things every day, you could make a case that I’ve been talking about parenthood every day…but this is Parenthood, with a capital P! One of the best TV shows there ever was, and an excellent example of a pro-adoption show!

Fans of Friday Night Lights, which I have posted about before, will love Parenthood.  It’s the same show-runners, and it’s every bit as good.


The show revolves around the Braverman family.  It’s basically Modern Family, but further north in California (Berkeley), and not as slap-sticky.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried through episodes, laughed through episodes, and genuinely loved the characters.

One of of the Braverman kids, Julia, and her husband have a story line in season 2 dealing with infertility, which ultimately results in a foster-to-adopt journey beginning in season 3!  Their story is realistic, it’s raw, and it’s heartwarming.


The show went on for six seasons and wrapped up in 2015.  It’s on Amazon and Netflix!

Fans of Friday Night Lights will find many of their favorite actors making appearances in Parenthood!  Vince, Lyla, Jason, Billy Riggins (as Billy Riggins!), Luke, Jess, Vince’s mom, and Lyla’s brother!  (Plus, Joel on Parenthood had a bit part on Friday Night Lights, but Joel will always be known as Joel!)

I snuck this show into adoption month because it technically fits, but this show is so much more than an after-school-special.  It’s just wonderful.  I hope you love it as much as I do.

Parenthood on Amazon
Parenthood on Netflix

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