The second in a two-part post (click here for part one), here’s my list of what I think you shouldn’t miss on Black Friday 2017!

instant pot duo80

 Seriously.  This is the year for the IP.  If you don’t have one yet, you need one.  I’ll talk about it more this weekend, but it will seriously change your life.  Here’s what you need to know.  a) Get the 8 quart.  I can’t stress this enough.  You can only fill the pot up half full, so you can really only cook 4 quarts of stuff in the pot at a time.  You will want to cook a ton of stuff and freeze it.  I promise. b) Get the actual Instant Pot brand.  The knock-offs don’t cut it.  c) Besides size, you can spend more if you want more bells and whistles.  The Instant Pot is a crock pot, pressure cooker, warmer, sautéer, rice cooker, yogurt maker, and so much more.  That’s where you can really spend the money if you want.  I have the DUO80 and I love it, but honestly I could probably use less features.  This is the perfect Christmas gift, this is the perfect wedding gift, and honestly, you can have more than one…they are that amazing.  In minutes, it makes chicken that tastes like it’s been marinating all day.  Hard-boiled eggs in 5 minutes that fall out of the shell in one piece.  The thing is magic.  I’ll post more about it on Sunday because I believe the real deal will be on Cyber Monday at Amazon.  Beware of the IPs on sale on Black Friday…every one I’ve seen so far is a 5 or 6 quart and the size is in the fine print.  Don’t waste your time or you’ll be sorry!

Amazon Echo Dot

We have one of these and we love it.  Chris uses it mostly for sports scores (“Alexa, what time do the Mariners play tomorrow?”) and I use it mostly for music (“Alexa, play my instrumental Christmas playlist!”).  But it does a ton more stuff for us, like set timers for you (“Alexa, set a timer for 15 minutes for the cake in the oven!”), and we’re hooking up a couple outlets to it for lamps I can’t easily reach (“Alexa, turn on the family room floor lamp!”).  Right now it’s a total steal.  I don’t think you’ll ever see the price lower than this.

towelsThe BIG One Towels at Kohls
We got a few super nice towels for our wedding, but let’s be honest, those are for guests!
I looooove these towels from Kohl’s and I buy them every year on Black Friday; the rest of the year they are way too expensive for a mid-range towel.  They aren’t low quality but they aren’t top-of-the-line.  Perfect for us who have kids, do a ton of laundry, and enjoy being able to afford new towels once a year (instead of splurging once every ten).

The BIG One Sheet Sets at Kohls
For the same reason as the towels, we love the BIG One sheets.  They are just high-quality enough and wash up really easily.  My favorite thing about them is a little tag on the sides that says “SIDE” “TOP” etc.  Why didn’t I invent that?!?  The awesome thing about the Black Friday pricing is that all the sizes are the same flat price.  Good news for us king-sized bed owners!

The BIG One Plush Blanket at Kohls
Yes, I am kind of crazy about The BIG One line at Kohls!  But these plush blankets are heavenly and we have one on every couch in our house.  They have all different patterns or just solid.  Such a great deal too.  Very high quality.  There are a lot of fleece blankets for sale on Black Friday, and I’ve bought many of them over the years, but this is the only one I come back to again and again and actually love year-round.

rubbermaidRubbermaid Easy Find Tupperware Set at Walmart and Fred Meyer
This Tupperware set is always a great deal at Walmart and Fred Meyer (and probably other places too!) and once a year is the perfect amount of time for me to replace those pieces that seem to get lost to the same place those missing laundry socks go.  I love these Tupperware pieces; they are high quality and the lids stack into each other.  The best thing I ever did in my kitchen is throw out ALL Tupperware that isn’t this set.  Then no matter what pieces I grab, the lids fit and all is well.  No more mix and match!  Don’t pay more than $11 for it anywhere on Black Friday.

Appliances at Home Depot

Ugh, our clothes washer went out last week and we’ve been limping to the finish line (thank you, in-laws and my parents for letting us do the essentials at your houses!) trying to wait for Black Friday.  We’re buying a new one at Home Depot on Friday, where they are having a huge appliance sale!  Not a fun and glamorous purchase, but wearing clothes that aren’t properly washed is the opposite of glamorous, so maybe it is a glamorous purchase!

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