Why You Need to Sign Up for Amazon Prime Free Trial TODAY.

Everyone reading this has Amazon Prime, right?!?!  If you don’t have it by now, why not???

Amazon Prime is the reason I’m able to function as a mom, as a contributing member of my household, and as a holiday-celebrator!


  • Almost everything sold on Amazon is a “Prime item”.
  • Most Prime items are shipped in two days for free.  Sometimes you can have one day shipping for free, sometimes you pay an extra $4 for it, and sometimes if you don’t care when it comes, they’ll take a week to deliver it and give you a purchase credit as a thanks.  Sometimes, you even have the option to pay an extra $6 and get SAME DAY SHIPPING!  To me, that’s basically witchcraft.
  • They have SO many TV shows and movies you can watch for free, and download them onto your device for watching offline (hello, Daniel Tiger!).
  • They have a TON of music available to stream and play offline for free.
  • Some items, like this one that we love, are only available to Prime members.
  • When you pre-order a book using Prime, it arrives the day it is released (remember this post?!)
  • Free photo and video storage.
  • A LOT of other things!

Amazon prime costs $99/year or $10.99/month.  When you join Prime, you actually get the first 30 days for free before your card is charged, so that you can try it and figure out how much you’ll actually use it.  When/if you want to cancel, you just go to your account online and there’s a very clear and easy thing to click to cancel, you don’t have to talk to anyone on the phone or click twenty times to confirm.

Today is November 26th, so if you sign up today, you’ll have Prime for free until December 25th.  That means you can do ALL your Christmas shopping, ALL your Hanukkah shopping, ALL your Cyber Monday shopping, and ALL your regular monthly needs shopping.  Every day you wait to start your free trial is another holiday season day wasted!

Even if all we used it for was free shipping, we more than get our money’s worth. We have so many family members out of state, we order everything for Christmas and birthdays from Amazon, mark it as a gift so the price is hidden and a card with message is added (pay a tiny bit more and get giftwrap!), and have it mailed directly to my recipient.  I can’t remember the last time I went to the post office to mail a gift, seriously.

Plus, here’s a life hack for you: this summer we in Wisconsin, and instead of packing ALL of Anthony’s necessities (diapers, wipes, special bath soap for his sensitive skin, etc) and either checking a second bag or paying extra for an overweight bag, I just ordered stuff on Prime and had it shipped straight to the hotel.  It was literally waiting at the front desk.  FOR FREE.  Plus there was this stupid little airplane toy he became obsessed with at the airport that Hudson News wanted over $20 for, but for only $8 it was waiting for us in Wisconsin too!

But in addition to the savings on shipping, we watch Amazon Prime TV/Movies all the time, stream the music constantly, backup all our photos on Prime Photo, and basically take advantage of every free thing Prime offers!

Use this link to take advantage of a one month free trial!

Happy huge savings!  You will adore Prime.  I promise.

Amazon Prime Free 30 Day Trial

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