Giving Tuesday!

Happy Giving Tuesday!
(today is the last day of the long holiday weekend!
Back to Adoption Month posts tomorrow! :-D)

It’s ironic that Giving Tuesday is the very last day of the long weekend of spending, where many people don’t have much left.  Hopefully you saved so much this weekend, you can give even more than planned on this special day of helping meaningful causes.

I wanted to touch on two things today: donations to churches, and unique ways to give to charities besides writing a check.

Part 1:

I wanted to address giving to churches real quick.  I had no idea until a conversation with some coworkers a few years ago that this was such a big deal to people, feeling like churches are just asking for money.  What?!?!  This particular coworker attended a church sporadically and received calls, emails, and badgering about giving, when she was still just an occasional attender.  Throughout the conversation it became clear to me that several others had experienced similar situations at other churches.  I am ashamed that my Jesus is associated with this.

I believe that Christians are called to give first and foremost to their local church that they regularly attend or are a member of.  But that “call to give” comes from a nudging by the Holy Spirit, not some commandment or expectation from the church.  If any of you have visited a church and felt like they just wanted your money, or pressured you to give, or made it seem like God would bless you more the more you gave, I am so so so sorry.  I can tell you that that line of thinking is NOT in the Bible.  If a church is making you feel like they’d rather have your money in the offering bucket more than you in a pew, then stop going and find another church.  Seriously.  The “prosperity Gospel” that is so prevalent today (Joel Osteen, etc.) is sickening.


Part 2:

The other thing I wanted to post about today are some non-traditional ways to give in addition to writing a check!  There are a lot of programs out there, but here are the ones that I use and can vouch for the authenticity/integrity of:

Matching Programs
I do the books for a men’s ministry and can attest to the power of company matching programs.  So, basically if the non-profit is signed up with the company matching program, you just give them proof that you’d made a donation and they will match it.  I know that Microsoft and Boeing do this and I’m sure there are tons of others.  You just have to ask!  If you are donating anyways, you can double or even triple your donation by asking about this type of program.  Note: even if your donation is to a non-profit that doesn’t seem to fit the guidelines of your company’s matching program (religious organization, etc.), you should still ask.  The non-profit I do the books for has a separate line item for a service project that is done every year.  The matching program applications specifically promise that the money we receive from the company will only go to that line item.  Truly, check with your employer to see if this is a thing!

Amazon Smile
If you shop at Amazon as much as I do, you should sign up for Amazon Smile.  One time only, you should go to this link and choose a charity you’d like to give to.  Then, anytime you buy something from, you should actually go to, and 0.5% of your purchase will be donated by Amazon to the organization.  That doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but it really adds up, and if everyone does it, then the charity will end up with quite a bit!  Again, I can attest that the quarterly checks from Amazon are a very welcome blessing to a non-profit.  My biggest tip for this is that you can put things in your cart on the regular or the Amazon app, and then close it and go to before you purchase; your cart will still have those items in it and you can finish your transaction with the charity donation link.

Fred Meyer Community Rewards
If you ever shop at Fred Meyer, and you have a Fred Meyer Rewards card, you should go to this site and link up your Rewards card with the non-profit of your choice.  Every quarter, they donate $650,000 to charities and you linking up your rewards card tells them where to send it.  The more you spend, the more percentage of their donation will go to the charity of your choice.  Every quarter, they will receive a check!

Greater Good
There’s a website called Greater Good that allows you to give to several different causes: world hunger, breast cancer prevention, animal activism, veteran support, autism awareness, Alzheimer’s research, diabetes research, literacy programs, and rainforest preservation.  All you have to do is click on their links and money will be donated.  Where does the money come from?  By clicking the link, they can prove to advertisers that they are getting a certain amount of web traffic, and the revenue from advertising goes to the charities.  Bookmark the site and visit daily!

Survey Monkey
Here’s a site that asks you to take surveys pays you to do it.  You pick a charity to support from a list of charities they have partnered with.  Then, you take surveys that companies want you to take for your opinions on things.  Instead of paying you to take the surveys, they donate the money to the charity of your choice!  Easy!


If you have other verified ways to donate to causes without writing a check to them, please share them on the Macaroni Forever Facebook wall!

Come back tomorrow for the last few days of National Adoption Month!  I’ve got a few fun posts planned to go up!


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