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After a long holiday weekend of special posts, it’s the 29th of November, and the second-to-last day of National Adoption Month!  (To see the other Adoption Month posts, (click here).  One more adoption-related post today, and tomorrow I’ve got a HUGE list of children’s books about adoption to share with you, and a special surprise announcement too!  You’ll just have to wait for tomorrow!

Today’s adoption-related post is actually about a local business that we love, Airways Brewing!  I shared this story on Twitter a few weeks ago, and I’ll share it here now!  The Twitter account for the awesome show This is Us was asked viewers to comment their responses to the question “who was the first person you told when you found out you were pregnant?”

Once we’d made the decision to adopt and picked Bethany as our adoption agency, and officially told them we were “IN”, it was time to tell our parents!  But before we could do that, I got an email out of the blue from Airways Brewing in Kent, one of our very favorite breweries and restaurants.  I had put Chris’ name on the long waiting list for the Mug Club a long time earlier, and a spot had just opened up, and Chris was next on the list.  The email told us that we had a week to decide if we wanted the spot or if they should go onto the next person.

Of course, when I’d put his name on the list, we were a double-income, no-kids family, and we’d just made the commitment that would mean not only going down to one income, but having kid expenses, and – oh yeah – the cost of the adoption!  Needless to say, money was a wee bit tighter than it had been!

I wrote back to say thank you but no thank you, that we were adopting a baby and our financial circumstances had changed.  It was weird to be telling a stranger this news, but it was also a fun way to try out the words, to see them written for the first time, and to finally share the secret with someone.

I heard back from them immediately.  I have wished so many times I still had the actual email, but the gist of it was “Congratulations, that’s so great, adoption is so special, please let us bless you with a free year of Mug Club”.  

We were floored!  The very first person we’d told our news to was such a positive and wonderful experience (with free amazing beer too).  Is that a great local business or what?!?  You’d never get that response from the Budweiser Customer Service email account!

If you live near Kent, check out Airways!  They have two locations, both in Kent: their taproom is age 21+ and they have lots on tap and free bar snacks.  Their bistro is family-friendly, and they have lots on tap as well and a really great food menu.  I love the salads and the soft pretzels especially.  I really love that for non-beer-lovers like me, they always seem to have a really great local cider or two on tap too.  The employees are so nice, and the place is so welcoming.  Check it out!

Just a reminder, tomorrow’s the last day of National Adoption Month and I’ve got a special post going up that’s a HUGE list of children’s books about adoption and a very special adoption-related announcement!

Cheers to Airways, and see you tomorrow!

Airways Brewing in Kent

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