A Cool Christmas Book I Read Every Year

Every year at this time, I start over on a book I read at Christmas: 
In My Heart I Carry A Star: Stories for Advent

carry a star

This book goes through the Christmas story in the Bible item by item and discusses real life cultural and scientific context for some of the parts of the story we kind of just hear and dismiss.

For instance, it talks about the historical cultural context around Joseph, who was probably an older man, being betrothed to Mary, a young woman, and the circumstances around what it would have meant if she was pregnant before marriage and what it would mean if he ended their engagement (spoiler alert: a much bigger deal than today!)

It talks about the census, the long trip to Bethlehem, the lodging-finding debacle, the wise men, the shepherds…everything!

Every time I re-read this book I pick up something new, and the Christmas story seems more real and present than ever.  I truly recommend this book with my whole heart for Christians, for seekers, for people with questions.  Everyone!

In My Heart I Carry A Star: Stories for Advent

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