Making Extra Cash: Mock Juries

All week I’m posting about fun and unique ways to earn extra cash!  (For the other posts, click here.) Everything I’m posting are things I personally do to make money…I can assure you if I post a link to something, it’s a legit site.

Today I’m posting about my very favorite way to earn extra money: being on a mock jury!

Okay so when law firms have big cases, they often practice their arguments on a group of people they bring together to represent a potential jury they may face in real life.  They’ll usually have the lawyer assigned to the case do one side, and a different partner or junior partner take the opposite side.  Most of the time, you don’t know which side is the one sponsoring the jury panel!

Every mock jury is different: sometimes the law firm just wants to practice jury selection, so they may have asked a lot of people there and they’ll ask you questions the whole time.  But usually they’ll present side A, present side B, then side A will have rebuttal time, and side B will have rebuttal time.  Then, you will gather in small groups to discuss the facts of the case, and members of the firm will walk around to join you for a few minutes.  Then, the whole group will come together to discuss the verdict and possible award to the plaintiff.

It is just so much fun. Often they will provide snacks or lunch, plus cash payment at the end.  The payment varies a LOT.  Sometimes I see ads for mock juries for 8 hours on a Saturday and they’ll pay $50.  Okay, by the time you include travel time, you’re going to make like $3 an hour.  But sometimes you’ll be asked to do a 2 hour evening and get $100.  It all depends!  I used to do all of them I could find, but now that I have a kiddo, my time is more precious and rare, and I have to only apply for the ones that pay very well.  But honestly, if I had the time, I’d do it for free.  It is just a blast.

Here are some tips if you’re interested in being on a mock jury:

Check Craigslist!
The way I have found all of my mock jury gigs initially is through Craigslist.  Once you’re on a firm’s list they may contact you before they put it on CL (if you’re on time, take it seriously, etc.)  I have a few saved searches in my bookmarks: “Jury” in Gigs and “Jury” in Jobs.

Respond Right Away! 
Time is of the essence!  There are always a very limited amount of spots available and once they fill them, they’re not going to accept any more emails from interested people.

Don’t Use a New Email Account!
Yesterday I suggested you create a separate email account for your side hustles so you don’t get bombarded with emails, but it’s a different story with mock juries.  Like I said above, time is of the essence!  If they email you back for more info or to offer you a spot, you usually have a very small window of time to respond before they move on to the next person on their list.
I have never had spam result from giving my email address to law firms.
Don’t be afraid to give them your primary email address.

Find a Friend!
Like the friend advice from yesterday, but a little bit different!  Thankfully most mock juries are held in evenings and weekends, so it’s not just stay-at-home moms and retirees (they need a realistic cross-section of people, just like a regular jury)  But pairing up with a friend who is also interested in doing mock juries can be great because you can tip each other off when there’s an interesting-looking ad out there (remember, time is of the essence!) but also you may both get picked, and that is so much fun.  I love when my hubby and I get on the same mock jury!  We still have an inside joke about one particular lady a few years ago at a mock jury that kept saying “that doctor? he’s neglect.” and she was dead serious.  She said it over and over again.  We’re like okay but that’s not a word, do you mean he was neglectful?  Or he acted with neglect?  Nope, he IS neglect.  We’ll say that to each other out of the blue sometimes and laugh.  See what you’re missing by not doing mock juries?!?!

That’s it for this post, but check back tomorrow, as I’ve got a new money-making scheme to post every day, and tomorrow’s is doozy of a post.  It’s the way I make MOST of my money that everyone ALWAYS asks about!

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