Making Extra Cash: All About Side Hustles

All week I’m posting about fun and unique ways to earn extra cash!
(I’ve posted about Selling on eBay, Being in Focus Groups, Serving on a Mock Jury, and Mystery Shopping so far!)
Everything I’m posting are things I personally do to make money…I can assure you if I post a link to something, it’s a legit site.

Today I’m posting about a podcast and book that will help you a ton with earning extra income: Side Hustle School.

Side Hustle School is a podcast that Chris Guillebeau started on January 1st of this year, and every day he highlights a different person and a side hustle that they are doing.

What is a side hustle?  A side hustle is a gig you create for yourself that earns extra income.  He makes it clear that we’re not just talking about a side job: driving for uber, working a part time job…those are time-for-money gigs.  He’s talking about stuff like selling nail files online, drop-shipping crickets to reptile owners, creating a Spanish-language Bible app, and writing vows and best man speeches for weddings.  They are so inspiring, idea-generating, and best of all, Chris highlights things about each person’s story that can be helpful to a lot of people doing all kinds of different hustles.  The podcast drops every day at 3:01am, and each episode is less than 10 minutes long.  It is so easy to binge a whole bunch of episodes at once.

If you’re going to start listening to the podcast, I’d recommend starting from the beginning, since a lot of the ideas build on each other, and aren’t super important to be listened to in real-time.

side hustle school

The other thing in Side Hustle School world is that he wrote a book that came out this September called Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days.  It’s a really good resource in addition to the podcast and really goes into thinking of an idea, turning it into action, and starting right now.

His big thing is “inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is even better!”  A lot of my little side hustles that I do, if I had waited until they were perfect and ready for the world, I wouldn’t be doing them yet.  Just start!

I can’t recommend this book and podcast highly enough.

There are two more days of the week left for the money-making posts!
Tomorrow is a post about click-to-earn rewards sites, and Saturday I’ll talk about a way to claim money that’s rightfully yours!

Thanks for coming on this journey with me, friends!

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