How to Hack the Starbucks for Life game

Are you playing Starbucks for Life?

A few times a year Starbucks does a fun game through the app and website where you can win a ton of free drinks.  Sometimes it’s bonus stars, sometimes it’s one coffee a day for the rest of your life, no matter what it’s something good!  Right now through January 8th, Starbucks for Life is going on.  The grand prize is (shocker) Starbucks for life, but there are a ton of other prizes too.

The current Starbucks for Life game has you “shaking” a virtual snowglobe when you have “plays”.  The snowglobe picks an icon to give you, and you collect those to win prizes.  It sounds complicated but once you do it you’ll see what I mean.

You earn “plays” three ways:

  1. Make a purchase – You can earn up to two a day by going to Starbucks and paying with your Starbucks card.
  2. Complete a challenge – There are 18 challenges offered via the app.  Every time you complete a challenge you get plays.  See below for challenge info!
  3. Request a play online – To make it fair and “no purchase required” they have to offer up to two plays a day via the website.  Once you are signed up to play Starbucks for Life, click here to get a bonus play every day.

About the challenges: every time Starbucks does a promo like this I make myself a cheat sheet to make sure I can get all the challenges done.  You can download and print it out yourself, here ya go!
(You’ll see on the cheat sheet there is room for seven additional challenges that will be assigned to you once you complete certain challenges.)

Remember that the key is to double or triple up on them as much as possible.  A single transaction can count for multiple challenges.  For instance, if I go on Monday January 1st at 1pm to a Starbucks I don’t usually go to, order ahead on the app, and spend $8, I will have completed all of “Happy New Year”, all of “Lunch Run”, half of “Coffee Ranger”, half of “Mid-Weekender”, half of “On a Roll”, and all of “Order On the Way”.

Cheers to you!  Have fun playing!

Sign up for Starbucks for Life
Complete Challenges
Go to Site For Two Extra Plays Each Day


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