De-Icing Your Windshield: Two Hacks!

It has been soooo cold in Seattle this week!  It’s that time of year that you go out to your car and realize you should have woken up 20 minutes earlier because your windshield is so frosty!  (Those of you with garages clean enough to park in, I hate you.

I have two ways I swear by to combat icy windows:

[side note, you guys know not to use hot water on your windshields, right?  When I was getting the links for this post I found several spots online that was saying to bring hot water outside with you and pour it on your window.  Have you ever poured hot tea over ice to make it iced tea?  Did the ice crack or what!  Now picture that as your windshield.  Just don’t do it.]

The first thing I love to use is this windshield cover I got from my in-laws a few years ago for Christmas that I wish I would have had my whole life!


At night, you place it over your windshield and attach it to your car by putting the security flap inside the car and closing the door.  It won’t scratch the car, and it sits on the windshield to protect it from getting icy.  The edges are magnetic so they stick down on the car even in wind.  It’s ESPECIALLY awesome when it snows and you can just pick all the snow up off the window by removing the cover!

The second way, which can be used instead of or in addition to the cover above (and especially for side windows and mirrors!) is rubbing alcohol.


I keep a bottle just like this one in the door of my car.  It won’t freeze, because it’s alcohol.  You all have stored vodka in the fridge during college, right?!?  Same concept!  So, in the morning, you spray a couple pumps of this stuff directly onto the ice and it immediately turns it into slush!  When I use it on the windshield, I just put the wipers on.  When I use it on the side windows and mirrors, I use an ice scraper to easily move the slush off the window (or just give it time and it’ll drip off).  The alcohol doesn’t damage the finish on the car, and it’s not horrible for the environment.  It’s what I’ve found works best!

I buy it either at Fred Meyer in the first aid section or on Amazon but you have to buy 6 of them.  But if you want one for each car plus go through one or two per year, buying in bulk may be best!  I have also in a pinch bought the dirt cheap bottles of it at the drug store and poured it into a spray bottle.  But the legit one fits in the door of the car so perfectly!

Hope I just saved you 20 minutes every morning!  Sleep in a little longer!

Delk Polarshield Windshield Cover
Isopropyl Alcohol Spray Bottle