Christmas Adverts

Okay, I looooove short films.  I love all films, my favorite art genre, but I especially love short films.  They have a very limited amount of time to develop characters, develop our connection with them, build a background, a problem, and a resolution.  It’s my favorite Oscars category and one of my favorite things about Christmas.  Why? Christmas adverts!

Christmas commercials in the US are good, but Christmas adverts in the UK are legendary.  Big stores hire big-name film directors to make these short films, essentially, to advertise their brand.  I just love them!

I made a YouTube playlist of all of my favorites right now and I’ll continue to add to it as I discover them…there are others, but some don’t make the cut, okay?  I’ve embedded them below, but if you’re not able to view them on this site, you can use this link to visit YouTube yourself and see the playlist.

Please note that all are totally family friendly (content, Santa, etc.) except the very last one has one swear word (and it’s a doozy).  I made sure to put it at the end.  It’s right after a Macy’s commercial, and it starts with an internet search in a different language and an “English for Dummies” book arriving.  So just FYI if you choose to avoid that one.

Otherwise, grab a cup of cocoa and enjoy approx. 40 minutes of Christmas cheer!


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